Good news, everyone...!

Pole Fitness Varsity 2018!

For the third year running Steel City Pole (Hallam) and University of Sheffield Pole Fitness Society go head to head to battle for the title of Sheffield Pole Fitness Varsity Winner 2018!

There will be performances from members of each society to compete in beginner, intermediate and advanced categories to help win the overall title for their society as well as guest performances from our amazing judges and from our wonderful instructors from both societies.

The previous two years have been a massive success with nearly 200 spectators each year and over £2000 collectively for some brilliant charities. We want to smash that total again this year but we need your help to get us there! 

All proceeds from the event will be split equally between our 4 chosen charities which are Snowdrop (which provides support for victims of human trafficking), Lullaby (which helps to raise awareness of SIDS and to provide support for families who have experienced bereavement), Sheffield Counselling and Therapy (for women suffering from trauma or abuse) and St. Luke's Hospice. All of these charities do an amazing job and are so deserving of and grateful for any donations big or small! 

Tickets are just £5 and available to purchase now through the University of Sheffield student's union website or through the Sheffield Hallam student's union website (links at bottom). You will need to log in with your account or create a guest account to purchase tickets. Tickets are limited availability and we will not be selling any extra on the door so make sure you get yours while you can!

There will also be a raffle with a variety of amazing prizes to be won with winners being announced at the end of the event. 

The event is strictly over 18 as the premises will be selling alcohol!

Varsity is such an amazing event every year so we absolutely cannot wait! 

Doors open: 5.00pm
Event starts: 5.30pm
Due to finish: 9.30pm (approx.)

Link to buy tickets:

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I'M SHOOK -- The time is NOW for you to put everything you've learned so far to the test! Bust a move, throw some shapes, win some EPIC prizes, and turn up the most fun event of the year!

*** UNI OF vs HALLAM ***
Check out the event page here if you wanna attend. Tickets are only £5!


To all those interested in applying to compete in Varsity, please contact me, Beatrice Anderson, with any and all questions and queries.

There are three categories in the competition: Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced, with a winner and runner up in each, and amazing prizes for all!

Beginner category means NO INVERTS and is open to everyone. Intermediate allows for BASIC INVERTS and shoulder mounts and is open to anyone who can go upside down. Advanced is ANYTHING GOES for a full 4 minutes of turning up and showing off!

For those of you who are new to pole this year, I urge you to put your name down! Varsity is an amazing opportunity for you to hone the skills you’ve learned so far and really push yourself. I did it last year and had the time of my life, actually smiling and laughing through my routine I was having so much fun (and I used to have so much stage fright!?). Competing last year gave me so much confidence in myself that has really shown in other areas of my life. JUST DO IT.

It costs £7 to compete and applicants will need to confirm and pay by the END OF NEXT WEEK. Contact me to put your name down and then pay in the studio – I will keep track of all payments.

100% of the proceeds will be split equally between the 4 incredible local charities we’re supporting this year: Young Dementia UK, Sheffield Working Women's Opportunities Project (SWWOP), Weston Park Cancer Charity and Mencap and Gateway Sheffield.

I’m so happy you all decided to get involved with pole and have been such loyal supporters of the studio. Now is your turn to shine and I can’t wait to support you all!

-- Beatrice

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The Pole Society's second social of the year:: You've been to the classes, you've met the (epic) committee, and now you just need a little nudge and you'll be full-on addicted to this pole life
WHERE~ Pre drinks and games will be at the Crystal's (Social Sec) house, then a short walk to Bar One and ending the night in Poptarts.

THEME~ Bonfire night dress in all colors of fire red, orange, yellow! The person who is most decked out in fire color will win a FREE bring a friend class pass.

TICKETS = £5.50
Message the Pole Society Facebook Group for yours or ask your class supervisor.

See you all there!!

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Run for Pole Fitness Committee!

We are looking for people to be on our committee next year!

The AGM will be held on the 19th April, 5pm - 7:30pm, at Hicks K14

Positions available:


Managing change
Delagating tasks
Taking responsibility
Motivating the committee
Calling and chairing all committee meetings


Dealing with all incoming messages to the society (e-mail and facebook) and ensuring all relevant committee members are responding to the messages
Creating agendas and taking minutes at the committee meetings
Keep the mailing list updated
Organising the committee election (AGM)


Keep track of the society’s accounts and how much money we have
Help other committee members budget for events
Pay invoices for instructors/kit/venues etc
Help maximize the society profits meaning more benefits for members


Promoting up coming competitions to members
Encouraging members to participate in inter-uni competitions (to compete/ to watch)
Organising trips to competitions
Organising Varsity with Hallam reps


Being a direct contact for existing and potential members of the society. Giving extra attention to members with special needs, and when handling sensitive issues, work in confidentiality.


Organising and promoting social events for all society members
Organise season events such as a Christmas meal and varsity socials
Liase with oher committee members on social events
Promote social events on social media

Class Supervisors (3/4 people):

Supervise classes, which involves registering the class and taking money off people.
Performing post class cash drops where necessary
Engage in the class, help beginners learn moves and support the teacher
Do announcements after the class on behalf of other committee members
Make sure other committee members know how to supervise and seek support from the rest of the committee if classes currently can't be supervised

Please be aware that anybody running for positions will be required to give a small speech (no longer than 2 minutes), and don't worry, it's not a scary as it sounds!

Come along if you'd like to run :)

Pole Love x

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Don't forget to get buying your tickets for Varsity!

This is the first time we have ever taken part in Varsity and it's going to be a great event. It's on 17th April at 6:30pm and is at Walkabout on Carver Street. Tickets are £3.50 and can be bought in classes or here:


Pole Love xxx

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Reminder that today is your last day to send me your kit orders!

I'm sure that you've been to classes where you've been left seething with jealousy after seeing various committee/older society members prancing round Gemma's studio looking fab in their personalised Pole Fitness Society kit. Well now you can order some snazzy new personalised kit of your very own! I am taking orders for ONE DAY MORE, so if you'd like kit this academic year act fast!

You can view the kit on offer here:

Vest tops: £10
Hoodies: £20
Shorts: £20
Personalisation: FREE!

Then send a quick email to me at: to let me know: a) What you'd like b) What size (S, M, L, XL) c) What personalisation, if any, you'd like  (NB Shorts can't be personalised. There's not space. Soz)

Then head on over to the union website here: to pay, and email me again to let me know you've done so

Then sit back, relax and wait for your kit to be delivered!

Any questions:

Pole love xxxx

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Reminder for Kit Orders!

Hi everybody, Kit Sec here.

You have EXACTLY ONE WEEK left to get your kit orders in before the deadline. All the info you'll need, including a link to examples of kit, is on the previous news item.

Remember to email me at to let me know what you'd like, then head over to this link: to pay

Pole love xxx

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It’s Kit Ordering Time!

The second semester is upon us and now you’re all getting rather good at pole, it’s about time you had some snazzy University of Sheffield Pole Fitness Society personalised kit to do it in!

On offer this year we have shorts, vest tops and hoodies, the latter two of which can be personalised with a name or nickname of your choice for no extra cost!…/0B5X04HxHEMZ8Y2czLWFLZC1VX…/view…

Click the link above to see prototypes of the kit, along with prices. The items are of very high quality, with the society logo stitched on the front, and you may have seen them beautifully modelled by our committee members at classes over the last few months.

Once you’ve decided which kit items are for you, email with:

  1. What kit item(s) you want
  2. What size (S,M,L,XL)
  3. What you’d like printed on the back

After you’ve done that, head over to the link below to pay.…/pole-fitness--5/events/kit-order

Order’s need to be in by FRIDAY 19TH FEBRUARY at the absolute latest, so that we can get the order out and the kit delivered and handed out as soon as possible.

Any questions, email me at the address given above.

Lots of pole love,
Victoria (Kit Sec)

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Joint Social with Steel City Pole Fitness!

The UoS Pole Fitness Society and the Steel City Pole Fitness Society will be doing a joint social on the 26th of November!

Come wearing 4 different coloured items of clothing (make sure they're yellow, green, blue and red) that you don't mind never getting back! The idea is throughout the night you swap items with other society members so that you end up just one colour (like a rubix cube). I'd advise wearing things like two different coloured knee high socks, a cheap top and a hat or some sort of accessory!


For more information, please go to our Facebook event page:

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Rugby League Charity Pole Circuits

UoS Pole Fitness challenges the Rugby League to circuit training with a twist.

It's like normal circuits but the use of the pole makes the exercises more intense, so if you're up to the challenge then bring it on! It's going to be pole vs. rubgy with the winner decided at the end by the instructor, but for now the prize is only your pride - I will try to get something more exciting before the event.

Participation costs £5 per person but it's for charity and there might be a prize so it's definitely worth it!

For more information, please visit our Facebook page:

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Hey everybody! Get ready to strut your stuff and show everyone what you've been learning at our pole classes. We're heading to ROAR this Wednesday (21st October) after a mini-bar crawl down West Street. So get your ROAR ticket and come along dressed to impress! Get the details at the facebook event link :

Can't wait to see everyone! 

Pole Love xxxxx

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LGBT Safe Space Pole Lesson

We present to you the first (of hopefully many) LGBT Pole Fitness Session in collaboration with the UoS LGBT Society.

If you're LGBT and have thought that you'd like to give pole a try but haven't come along yet or would rather it be in an LGBT safe space, or simply love it so much that you want to squeeze in another session, then why don't you come along with your friends in our safe space session.

Get to grips with spins, climbs and holds in an open and safe environment.

Saturday 31st October @ 3-4pm

Sign up on our classes page now so you don't miss out!

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Our First Social !!

We'd like to welcome all our newbie and seasoned polers to our first social on Wednesday 30th September! It's going to be so much fun getting to know everyone and dancing the night away in ROAR, Sheffield University's much loved Sports night out. Don't worry if you're a beginner and haven't been to class yet. We'd love to see everyone! Visit the event on facebook and put your name down to get limited discount ROAR tickets!!

Pole love xxxx

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